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Experience since 1983 serves as professional agent for food processing and packaging equipment and systems for industrial operations.

Food Processing & Packaging Machinery
Moulds for Chocolate & Candy and Consumable


Company Profile

We, GREAT KHAN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., have been concentrating our supply, activities and services within the range of class A processing and packaging technologies and systems from European countries for the food industries far as industrial scale of production being concerned since the establishment of our company in Taipei in the year of 1990.

Along with the moving of industries towards the newly raising market in China, we started our activities there by late 20th century. Amongst various industrial sectors related to processing and packaging, we have been serving clients on a long term basis from food industries, cosmetic industries, pharmaceutical industries as well as many other special applications throughout Taiwan and China.

Following the pace of rapid development in the last two decades in the 20th century, all industry sectors in China enjoyed fast growing market demand marching into the 21st century thanks to the solid economic growth. However in the balance of supply and demand, tasks of providers have raised to a new level beyond traditional systems and technologies could deal with. The only way out to those having ambition to grow with the market is seeking for advanced technologies and systems. This market situation speeded up the foundation of our sister company SHANGHAI GREAT KHAN FOOD TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING CO., LTD. in the year of 2000.

Not only our activities and spontaneous services being extended into Chinese companies ranging from food industries, cosmetic industries, pharmaceutical industries and so on since then, the stat-of-art technologies and systems our company introduced into this market also provide broader range of choices to Chinese consumers.

It has been the thumb of our mottos “Real Professional for Professional Solution !” Any of our activities are conducted within this rule since the foundation of our companies that has won the trust of our customers in every aspect.

As a part of the whole, our economy will inevitably enter into the deluge of global economy cycle. Fast growing market means more competition, which may endanger company growth. It is now our on going challenge to help those wanting to strengthen its power in overcoming the wavy market demand as well as exacerbating competition.

It is way over 500 years putting their experiences from all our business partners together. There must be a tailor-made solution to your needs.


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